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Back to the Future - 30 Year Anniversary

I had so much fun sinking my teeth into this project fofor the 35 year anniversary of back to the future. I got to explore some really fun new animation techniques using A.I tool EB Synth, C4D, Procreate, and After Effects, allowing me to implement hand drawn textures to give the project the feel of traditional animation. This new workflow allowed me to single handedly create a full 30 second cut in less than two weeks (!) resembling a style that could have taken months to hand draw.

I’m planning on releasing a full breakdown process on my behance soon so keep an eye out.

This was an incredibly rewarding project and a style that I’d never had the chance to explore in the past. It even got a mention on !
Would you believe me if I told you that only 12 frames of this entire animation are hand drawn?